From ancient times, there is probably only one industry that has not lost it significance viz. Agriculture Industry. It is one of the traditional trades the humans have been performing since ages to feed themselves. Though, it is a traditional industry but it is becoming techno-oriented. The farmers are now taking assistance of innovative and productive technologies.

Even though mobile apps and agriculture may look disconnected on the surface, there is already a lot of data and results to recommend the use of mobile technology in agriculture for not only sustainability but also for a good financial value for large and small farmers.

The main goal of agriculture apps is to optimize the farming processes. Although most of the features are available on the computers & laptops but migrating them into mobile devices and that is next logical step which will enable farmers to use technologies wherever they need to unlock.

Let us look at some of the pointers which signify the positive impact of mobile apps on the agriculture industry:

Weather Forecasting

The farmer would be able to take stock of the climate and the weather forecast and know whether it will rain or be a radiant day. It would assist them in taking a call on whether to preserve their crops or prepare them for sowing so as to get the benefit of the weather.

Deciding the Crop

Different crops require varying atmospheric conditions and lands to get a higher yield. Through a relevant mobile application, the farmers can survey the land and also get notifications regarding the atmospheric conditions. This will help them decide the crop that would bring higher profits with high production as per the suitability of atmosphere and land.

Crop Growth Evaluation

Farmers need the right irrigation facilities, appropriate pest management and favorable weather for getting a good crop yield. The farmers need to measure and evaluate production regularly for which they need to monitor the field and growth. With mobile apps, all this can be well managed from a distance.

Remote sensors can help check soil temperature, air temperature, humidity, pressure, and more such essential aspects, the data for which is available in real time through the dedicated mobile applications.

Video Calls and Chats

The farmers could use guidance from the experts if and when they need it. With the help of mobile apps, they could interact with the farming specialists regarding any of their queries regarding yield, pesticides, diseases, storage etc. They could have an audio or a video call with the experts to get some advice whereby the experts would assist them in solving their issues quickly and without the hassle of travel.


A mobile app would help in keeping up the timetable of the crops for the farmers and the other related people. The app would alert them about their seeds; harvest times etc. as indicated by the timetables and help maintain the optimum timelines for each activity.

Online Audit

A field inspector can do an online audit of a farm and its crops and upload real-time data/photos to the server. The app would then fetch geo-coordinates of an inspector to identify the location. Each visit of the surveyor gets tracked through GPS and photos with the results being time stamped. This will lead to a reduction in corruption and laziness of the concerned employees. During poor internet connectivity, data is stored in the app (offline mode) and immediately synchronized on data/internet connectivity.


Mobile apps can save a lot of hassle for both the farmer and as well the client when it comes to payment. Payment apps get the job done quickly and easily.

As a result of all these and more, the integration of smart irrigation equipment, improved communication, GPS trackers and smart monitoring systems saves farmers a lot of time, money and effort. This results not only in increased efficiency but also profitability.

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