.NET Application Development

Need to develop a custom .NET application for your business? We at AppleTech build mission-critical, efficient, scalable and secure business solutions using a systematic .NET application development processes.

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Custom .NET Application Development

AppleTech’s .NET development practice integrates Microsoft applications, operating systems, and development tools that enable a robust and secure environment for organizations. Our expertise with Microsoft technologies enables us to develop as well as deploy world-class enterprise solutions.

We enable you to take advantage of the integrated capabilities of Microsoft. We can help you develop business-driven applications that encompass aspects like business integration and SOA, data analytics and web-based applications.

ASP.NET Web Application Development

From start-ups to MSME’s to large enterprises, we possess the expertise to develop highly robust, scalable, agile and custom ASP.NET web applications to solve the business challenges.

We utilise the industry standard practices for full-cycle ASP.Net web application development from analysis, plan, design, implementation to testing and coordination of frameworks.

.NET Core Development

We utilize .NET Core and latest front-end technologies to create high-performance and cloud-based .NET web and mobile apps with cross-platform compatibility.

Our .NET Core development team uses frameworks such as WebAPI, industry standards for REST/RESTful APIs, and powerful command-line applications

Xamarin Development

Using Xamarin we transform your ideas into apps, be it for iOS, Android, or Windows devices.

Our cross-platform capabilities and also allow for quicker native and hybrid Xamarin app development time and reduced costs.

Why Should you Hire AppleTech for your .NET Development Project?

1. Turnkey Solutions

Certified .NET developers demonstrating high-end technical competency with a unified strategic approach help integrate IT infrastructure and programming resources to rapidly & profitably address customer needs

2. Customer Driven .NET Development Company

We are a customer-driven .NET web application development company that works very hard to ensure a unique experience for each client with their satisfaction being paramount.

3. Partnership Approach to .NET Development

We believe in a long-term partnership with our clients and work hard to earn their trust and confidence and become their dedicated .NET development vendor.

4. Experienced Personnel for Offshore .NET Development

We maintain and continue to build a team of the best-of-breed .NET developers and IT professionals to help solve any development challenge.

5. Flexibility and Scalability

Whether you need a simple .NET web portal development or complex multi-tier web development using latest .NET frameworks and industry trends – AppleTech has flexible and scalable engagement models for all.

6. Confidentiality and Intellectual Property Protection

As a standard procedure, we always sign NDA and IP agreement at project initiation to protect our client’s confidential and sensitive information and allay any fears related to outsourcing.

.NET Application Development FAQs

What is the .NET Framework Platform?

The .NET platform is a free, open-source, cross-platform developer platform for building a variety of .NET applications. You can also create web, mobile, desktop, gaming, and IoT applications using a variety of languages, compilers, and frameworks.

What types of apps can be created using Microsoft.NET?

.NET can be used to produce personalized software, online and desktop apps, mobile applications, games, micro-services, and Internet of Things applications. Our .NET development team has worked on a variety of products for our clients, including ERP, POS, project management systems, FX, and learning solutions.

What are the benefits of using the.NET framework to create software?

Some of the primary advantages of the .NET development framework for software development are reusable code and components, simplicity of deployment, security and safety, powerful UI controls, interoperability, and caching.

What is the difference between .NET Framework and .NET Core?

Even though the .NET Framework and .NET Core share many identical components, there is a significant difference between the two. .NET Core is an open-source and cross-platform framework that comes in handy when users need cross-platform capabilities, micro-service architecture, or Docker. However, .NET development Framework is necessary for desktop applications and applications that use NuGet packages.

What are the benefits of using .NET Core?

Unlike other community-supported open-source frameworks, .NET Core is backed by Microsoft. As a result, it is a mature framework with excellent speed and security. Other benefits of.NET Core include cross-platform compatibility, open-source, great performance, low cost, docker support, and an asynchronous MVC style.

Is server less architecture supported by .NET?

.NET Core is the recommended choice for server less architecture, docker, and scalability.

Should I switch to.NET Core for my application?

If your application requires any of the following, our expert .NET programmers recommend switching:

  • Support for several platforms
  • Performance and scalability
  • Containers and Microservices Architecture