There are several frameworks and programming languages available for custom software development. At AppleTech, we have expertise with numerous of them, however, Microsoft.NET has shown to be the most reliable one. It’s an excellent choice for business applications.

What is .NET?

The.NET Framework is an open-source development platform that provides a wide variety of libraries and tools for creating mobile, online, game, microservice, and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The 60 programming languages that the .NET’s application environment supports provide it a tremendous deal of versatility

Because of this, the.NET framework and its successor, .NET Core, have about 34% and 31% of the market share for frameworks worldwide, respectively. With such widespread adoption, .NET has shown itself as a platform capable of supporting the development of highly scalable applications for use by both small businesses and multinational conglomerates.

It may make sense to make use of the .NET framework’s built-in capabilities and integrations with other Microsoft apps if your company already makes use of such applications (for example, Azure cloud hosting, Office 365, Windows OS, and more).

You may still rely on us if you’re still exploring your options and haven’t made up your mind about .NET just yet. We are not limited to any one methodology and always suggest what we believe to be the most appropriate framework for each customer. Discussing your needs with us will allow you to choose the option that works best for your company.

Types of Dot Net Development Services

A number of apps can be created using .NET development services. It can be a .NET-based website, a website that uses web services, or a website that is made just for a business. .NET development services can be broken down into the following categories:

Web Application Development:

Due to the fact that the majority of applications are web-based, .NET is capable of creating various web apps, web forms, MVCs, and even web servers. The .NET framework is used to create any sort of web application according to a defined development process.

When a specific business need cannot be fulfilled using .NET, custom web apps can now be established using .NET web application development services. Today, .NET can be used to create almost any kind of online application imaginable.

Enterprise Application Development:

While there are more specialized frameworks for generating apps and services for Windows, it is feasible to construct applications and services for Windows using general implementations of .NET. Additionally, .NET gives you a lot of freedom when designing Windows GUIs. If you are building software for Windows and you need particular Windows services, be sure you choose Windows.

Mobile Application Development:

Even though .NET isn’t the most widely used platform, it may be used to create mobile apps. As a consequence, you could run across Dot NET developers that focus on mobile programming. Both Xamarin and Mono can help businesses make mobile apps.

Other Specialized Services:

There are a number of tools available in the.NET Framework that can facilitate the creation of mobile applications. As a result, you might come across .NET development companies that focus only on creating apps for mobile devices.

Reasons to consider .NET for Custom Software Development

After going through the fundamentals, let’s explore the advantages of .NET.

Highly Secure Environment

Everyone is now quite concerned about cybersecurity, but our customers in highly-sensitive industries like healthcare or financial services are particularly worried about it. We are aware that effective security must begin at the very start of the development process.

If the development environment you’re using lacks the necessary capabilities, it might be challenging to create a secure custom software application. With .NET, it’s easy to set up role-based security, monitor for threats, and do a lot of other things to keep your application safe.

NET is Developer Friendly

Because of its widespread adoption, .NET has extensive institutional backing. . You’re never on your own in the .NET world thanks to education and certifications, open-source extensions, and developer assistance.

Microsoft is dedicated to providing a platform that is beneficial for both businesses and developers. This makes it simpler to obtain help for your application since there is a large community of .NET developers at all skill levels.

NET Works Outside of Microsoft

.NET is a cross-platform framework, despite the fact that most people identify it with Microsoft. Using .NET, you can develop applications that work with Microsoft products as well as those that operate on iOS, Linux, Android, and other platforms. Only 11 of the 60 languages supported by the .NET framework were developed by Microsoft.

Building cross-platform apps with.NET in the Visual Studio development environment enables us to reuse a single codebase across several application variants. For instance, by leveraging code we can write across all of those platforms, we can maximize time and resources while developing a custom software system that includes versions for iOS, Android, and the web.


Your software has to evolve along with your company’s growth and development. Because of NET’s scalability, it is possible to increase user numbers, functionality, data usage, and other factors.

An application’s overall efficiency improves as a result of economies of scale. You can create blueprints using .NET, which enables developers to reuse particular elements across many software projects. If you’re developing an app, you can make changes to one section of code without impacting other parts. When it’s time to expand, you can add new modules, update existing ones, and benefit from work that has already been finished, tested, and distributed to users.

Makes Maintenance Easy

If you’re upgrading to the newest version of .NET or only need to update certain parts of your system, .NET tools make it easy. You can ensure that your customers are constantly getting the best possible experience by running updates, doing regression testing, and releasing a brand-new version immediately.

With the help of Application Insights, you can automatically detect and track mistakes, security risks, performance problems, abnormalities, and more, giving you the time you need to take quick action and keep your system updated to increase its lifespan.

Limitations of .NET

There are some less desirable characteristics to.NET, just as there are to every programming framework. For instance, certain licenses, like Visual Studio, might be expensive even if the platform is open source and free.

More importantly, keep in mind that Microsoft built and is in charge of this platform. You have no say in if Microsoft chooses to make significant changes to it or cease delivering security updates. To keep your apps running, you will need to come up with a fresh approach.


However, there is no reason to believe that .NET will go away any time soon given that it has been there for years, has a sizable portion of the market, and earns Microsoft a sizable sum of money. Want to talk more about whether .NET is the right framework for you or not? AppleTech can help you out with all the questions you’ve with .NET-based custom software development. Get in contact with us to explore how we can help you achieve your business objectives with an experienced team.