Most non-profit organisations operate with two core functions: communication and fundraising. These organisations conduct various operations that embody the two core functions. Unlike other organisations in different sectors who embrace mobile applications, non-profit organisations have been reluctant to adopt the use of mobile apps due to its price, maintenance and hiring people who specialise in managing the app.

Non-profit organizations are often accused of being rigid while pushing back against new technologies. Due to this pushback, email campaigns have always been the main source for raising funds. If you’re a member of one or multiple charities, your mailbox is probably full of these emails.

However, this trend is changing fast as more non-profits take to mobile for engaging donors. Today, almost everybody has a mobile phone. Over 60% of all searches in the top search engines, such as Google, are made from smartphones. Having a mobile solution is the logical next step for the organization to reach more people and spread the organization’s noble course.

A carefully crafted mobile app will anchor most of your non-profit operations targeted at making it a recognized brand both locally and internationally. In particular, it will help with engaging donors for direct revenue generation, enhance user acquisition, and provide additional features for all users.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of adopting the mobile technology, for non-profits:

Donor Data Collection

Most non-profit apps are crafted to help gather important data about all their donors. Instead of doing it manually or simply guessing, an app’s on-boarding process can collect all the donor information for easier segmentation. Because you’re in full-time communication with donors, it’s easy to obtain additional details and segment them based on individual interests.

Foster Community

The basic principle of any non-profit organization is making all supporters feel like they are contributing to the greater good. Using an app helps to engage donors for a monthly giving program by making them feel part of the organization. For instance, a donor with interest in conservation can join a non-profit organization and contribute by suggesting ideas for conservation. The app is a special way to stay connected with the respective projects, supports, and even link with researchers.

Optimize Searchability

What is the best way to get discovered online? Well, many will say its penning content. This is right. However, content will not be enough without having an app in the App Stores. Though the organization is a non-profit, you need to take a business approach when it comes to followers and donor acquisition. By ensuring your app is in different App Stores, more people will discover the organization from there and become part of your community.

Feature Richness

When donors and visitors to your organization link with you, they have different objectives. Unlike static websites, apps provide an interactive platform for donors. For example, donors can follow specific projects, participate in decision making, access financial records, and even engage experts to ensure their cash is going to a worthy cause.

Enhance Fundraising

For a non-profit to sustain its operations and remain relevant to society, fundraising must form the core of its operations. Unlike other third-party platforms that come with huge limitations, using your own app lifts the lid. Supporters can donate straight through the app, and due to its ease, there’s a higher chance of multiple and ongoing donations. Apps allow for quality streamlining while providing more information to target donors and transferring money safely.

Donor Data Security

The dangers of online security threats have never been as imminent the way they are today. While third party applications might also have invested in enhancing their software security, you are not in control. However, developing a non-profit app allows you to operate a full-fledged security unit with regular updates to build reliability and assurance to donors that you have their security in mind too.

Meaningful Brand Experience

Fast and easy donations are not the only reason why a mobile app is valuable for non-profit organisations. Regardless of the type of company, apps provide users with engaging content that helps educate and entertain users.

The key is to have an app that provides a relevant service to the user or solves a specific problem. Some users might look for an app for advice on their own fundraising, or some might look for advice about a difficult issue in their life.

Building Trust in Charity

One of the biggest hindrances for non-profit organisations asking for donations is their audience’s concern about where their money is going. To address this concern, non-profit organisations should demonstrate value by emphasising the impact of their audience’s donations. With the ability to incorporate tailored elements, a mobile app is the right platform to achieve this.


Non-profit organizations need to deploy mobile apps in order to transform the way they operate- from their volunteer programs to donations to beneficiaries and everything in between – with the user experience in mind. We at AppleTech have the experience and the expertise to develop mobile apps and custom applications to help leverage technology for the benefit of your organisation. Contact us today.