Medical Practice Management System

Medical Practice Management

Medical Practice Management System


  • Patients are on the lookout for the right doctors, quick consultation, the ability to store their health records, booking diagnostic tests etc.
  • Doctors and medical establishments are always looking to engage better with patients, establish their online presence and be found by more and more patients


  • To develop intuitive software for doctors & medical establishments to help manage their entire practice and do it at a very minimal price.
  • Improving the healthcare experience for both patients as well as doctors.


SaaS based application for hospitals & clinics that allows hospitals to manage patient records & appointments with quick prescription builder, auto-ordering of patient queue based on consultation type and billing.


  • Manage appointments, check-in patients and auto-queuing of emergency and walk-in patients.
  • Create prescription in less than 20 seconds and display it in English or regional languages.
  • Add and manage vaccine schedule and track vaccines given to patients.
  • Manage charge master for treatments and create invoices and receipts.
  • Manage more than one branch/location of a hospital with same patient ID and records.
  • Manage patient records – clinical notes, diagnosis, investigation, vaccination, history and more.
  • Manage indoor rooms, patient’s daily check-up sheet and discharge summary.
  • Auto-calculate profit on medical consumables based on differences between actual and selling price
  • Get any specific reports on daily and monthly for OPD and Indoor billings.

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January 24, 2019