Learning Management System


Learning Management System


  • Educational institutions require a centrally managed system to help with learning outcomes, resources, student-teacher interaction, tests etc while they focus on teaching.
  • Students and their parents are always looking to engage better with teachers, keep their test records handy, stay updated with events and lessons etc.


  • Develop intuitive software for educators & educational institutions to help them manage all learning outcomes and resources at a very minimal price.
  • Improving the learning experience for both teachers as well as students.


LoveMySkool is a personalized learning management system for schools and colleges. Teachers, students and parents can see the courses enrolled and consume content online as well as offline. Students can access their Personalized Learning Plan and also submit Assignments and Tests. It also allows teachers to take attendance on the go.

LoveMySkool enables schools/colleges to creatively and securely communicate within the school. Schools/educators can send out various kinds of announcements/posts. It helps simplify school’s needs to inform parents for change in school timings, transportation updates, assignment reminders, event announcements, and many more scenarios.


  • Read pages, submit assignments and take tests online.
  • Personalized Learning Plan for students.
  • Offline content mode to help students read when no internet is available.
  • Share media updates (Photos & YouTube videos) for school events and activities.
  • Post digital periodicals / bulletins.
  • Push notifications for emergency situations.
  • Engage parents without using external non-secure media such as Facebook.
  • Send out detailed meeting minutes from PTAs and other events.
  • Get internal feedback from teachers and help them collaborate.
  • Attendance feature for Teacher users. Automatic notification to parents for absent students.
  • School Bus Tracking.
  • Digital content store.
  • It also provides a community wall to help educators share and collaborate across the globe.

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January 21, 2019