When thinking about what to expect in terms of technological developments in 2023, it’s important to think back on the ground-breaking trends of 2022 and figure out what worked and what didn’t. More than ever, 2022 proved how important technology progress is to our everyday lives. The widespread use of digital technology is a trend that is not going away.

Some instances are as follows: Streaming service use finally exceeded traditional television viewership in August 2022. The same month, American game creator Jason Allen caused a stir by having an AI-generated artwork win an art competition. Many companies have invested in digital transformation to serve their customers better and advance their sustainability initiatives. They can use predictive analytics to boost customer service and achieve sustainability goals.

Technology Trends That Dominated in 2022

Despite the failure of several forecasted developments like Facebook’s metaverse and the fall of Meta from the ranks of the 20 most valuable US companies, 2022 was a big year for the tech industry. Foresight into the ground-breaking innovations and business-altering technologies of 2022.

Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing

Artificial intelligence (AI) reached a tipping point in 2022, owing primarily to breakthroughs in natural language processing models (NLP). NLP is a method of teaching robots to interpret and generate text and spoken language as closely as possible to humans.

For example, OpenAI, a business specializing in AI research and implementation, unveiled a brand new model they call ChatGPT. ChatGPT can respond to queries, admit errors, and reject improper requests. It has been tried in several situations, including assisting in repairing a broken line of code and even drafting a letter to someone.

Thanks to AI content producers, this year saw an increase in public interest in AI. Text-to-video models created by Google and Meta can produce videos based on text input, such as “teddy bear doing the dishes” or “wooden figure surfing on a surfboard in space.”

Similarly, the Lensa smartphone app uses AI to modify photographs in various art styles digitally. Lensa has recently caused trouble because it is said to use a neural network that copies art without permission.

While this concerns creative firms and raises ethical issues about copyright, these instances suggest growing investment in generative AI for 2022. The trend is expected to continue in the next year.

Automation in Customer Service and Construction

In 2022, automation took significant strides on numerous fronts. Leaders in the public sector improved customer service while cutting expenses by automating back-office and repetitive chores. Similarly, recruiters have begun extensively using automation in the candidate screening process, resulting in shorter response times and higher satisfaction levels among applicants.

Automation is widely utilized in construction to promote sustainability and lower worker danger. For instance, most US companies are embracing automation with open arms. In the UK, small and medium construction businesses currently utilize robotic arms to create walls and modular buildings.

In 2022, there were also collaborative robots that could check out construction sites and move heavy equipment.

3D Printing In Manufacturing And Healthcare

3D printing is the process of making an object from a digital model of the object in three dimensions by building up layers of materials. The industrial sector has made significant progress with 3D printing processes this year. The manufacturer acknowledges its benefits, such as its effectiveness in meeting demand in terms of using the right amount and materials. The optimum use of materials alone makes 3D printing important for increasing sustainability. In 2022, new energy-efficient houses were constructed in the US and UK using 3D printing technology.

In 2022, 3D printing expanded in the healthcare industry, with a greater emphasis on personalized medicines. Currently, it is mainly used to make prosthetics. Still, technology will continue improving with surgical guides and wearable devices.

The market for personalized medicine is estimated to be worth $10 billion. The World Health Organization (WHO) predicts that by 2030, at least two billion people will need customized prostheses and other 3D-printed assistive equipment.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics has been identified as the most significant technological trend for 2022, potentially altering all sectors. Lifesaving impacts have been seen in the healthcare, housing, and energy sectors.

Unsurprisingly, expenditure on data analytics and machine learning surged in the healthcare industry this year. Analyzing healthcare access patterns helps hospitals better allocate resources and avoid needless accidents and emergency visits.

Even in sectors where investment was expected to decline, such as marketing, data has remained a core business technology trend. In 2022, the use of analytics in marketing to make informed business choices will expand. It will remain an essential component of the digital world in 2023.

Remote Working in the Cloud

Last but not least, 2022 demonstrated that remote working is here to stay. Research shows that more than 29% of workers now prefer to work in a hybrid or fully remote way, and that number is going up. This made many businesses move to the cloud if they hadn’t already at the start of the pandemic.

Innovations in data storage enable data administration and improve data security. Hence 2022 was a significant year for cloud platforms. It is expected that 95% of work will be done on the cloud by 2025, and new cloud solutions will emerge in the near future.


This year has witnessed some tremendous technological developments, demonstrating innovation’s impact on organizations and people’s lives. Although certain phenomena, such as the metaverse and the Internet of Things (IoT), did not grow as expected, we will witness interesting breakthroughs in these areas next year.

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