Over the last few decades, software development outsourcing has experienced tremendous growth. Around 64% of all companies now outsource their entire development process! If you are running a tech business, outsourcing the execution of your product is a critical business decision. There are many factors to consider ensuring you choose the right agency to outsource software development. This is part of the inherent risk whenever outsourcing anything that is not a commodity.

We will share some helpful tips that will act as your guide and will help you make the right choices & avoid the mistakes in the entire decision making process. However before that, let’s take a look at the 4 main benefits of outsourcing the software development process.

  • Saves Time and Money
  • Access to Global Professionals and the Latest Technology
  • Increased Focus on Core Business Processes
  • Improves Product Quality

Now, that out of the way, let’s take a look at the tips.

Track Record and Experience

This is an absolute no brainer. One must validate the quality of previous works by your potential partner.

UX/UI Design: It is easy to validate design and development quality by looking at their portfolio.

Code/Architecture: One can have a tech expert on the team or otherwise to evaluate the code. You should, however, understand the reasoning behind the decisions your potential partner has made in the past.


The decision in choosing or proposing the technology that will be used in building your product is not purely a technical decision. There is a business side to technology decisions that can impact your time to market, product stability and your budget.

Be aware of generalists; always go for a team of specialists.

Scalability & Flexibility

Always prefer a partner that offers a good range of flexibility in terms of team size and time allocation.

Software development is a fluid process — your needs will change throughout the process and there will be a need to adapt and evolve with it. Try committing to a smaller, project-based, working relationship so that there is no real pressure to sustain it long term. This allows your company to hire “as and when” it is necessary making things more flexible and also reducing costs.


Involvement is a key aspect of a software development partner. Beware of the “Yes Man” and rather prefer an agency that will say no to some of your ideas, but are open to have a meaningful discussion about it and find a way around.

It shows that the agency:

  • Shows much more experience as a product builder
  • Demonstrates a desire to be involved in the process of creating your product

Time, Roadmap & Process

Developing software is a complex project. So if you are going to outsource software development to an agency they should have clarity about the project in addition to a very solid structure and transparency. They should be able to communicate proactively and in as much detail as possible, on what the process will entail.


When you outsource software development it is vital that your potential partner can communicate fluently to understand the requirements around the project. This will tell you if they can execute the project successfully and as per the prescribed agreement.

It will also let you know that they’re approachable — which will make inevitable problem solving easier further down the line. A major thing to avoid here is a failure to understand the scope and risking feature misinterpretation. This will have a huge impact on your roadmap and budget.

Working Culture Compatibility

It is important that your software development partner speaks your “language.” It means that they understand your idea, business and vision. It is important that they have a working culture that aligns with yours in terms of commitment, schedules and timekeeping. It makes all discussions and decisions that much smoother.

Whether you are a small business owner or a CTO, outsourcing is one of the easiest ways to save money and speed up your software development process. We hope that our inputs prove helpful in your endeavour.

At AppleTech we have an experienced team and transparent process which will put your mind at rest. We’ll work with you and your teams to understand your business needs and deliver high quality software within the agreed timescale. And we’ll always speak your language – whether that’s technical or not. Contact us, today.