COVID-19 has altered the face of many industries and the education sector is not untouched. It has made it almost impossible for the education system to continue in its traditional way. Without a classroom, it is up to academicians, policymakers, and technocrats to find effective and efficient ways to fill the gap between learners and teachers.

The changing scenario is slowly and definitely creating newer opportunities for education app companies to come up with disruptive ideas using modern technology and convert this adversity into an opportunity.

Mobile apps are creating more interactive and dynamic experiences for students. Educational institutions should recognize the value of mobile apps to diversify learning and create an accessible teaching environment for more students.

According to various projections, the e-learning market worldwide is forecast to surpass 243 billion U.S. dollars by 2022.

Let’s have a look at some of the advantages of educational mobile apps and how they are transforming the education industry.

Improved Interaction and High Engagement

The most important factors in the education industry are interaction & engagement. If students fail to engage with teachers or textbooks, they are likely to take more time to learn and grasp the concepts. Educational apps help the students run with the pace of knowledge as it provides an interactive user interface. The apps also enable the students to interact regularly with their teachers.

Furthermore, the addition of various creative games leads to brainstorming and helps the students to explore their creative side.


With mobile apps, there are practically no restrictions & no boundaries in learning and one can learn at any place and time. Mobile apps have made learning a lot more effective than traditional classroom programs as it is now a fun, easy, and convenient process. Unlike schools, mobile apps are available around the clock which takes away the need to worry about schedules.

These new age education apps allow the students access to their learning material and the flexibility to learn anytime and anywhere in the world and that too 24/7.

Better Collaboration

Many e-learning or mobile applications have a very easy to learn interface with intuitive modules that can help improve communication, collaboration and coordination between students, teachers and parents. This helps everyone stay on the same page without much hassle. Student progression, course details, completion and certification could be tracked, viewed and accessed at all levels with ease.

Customization and Personalization

Another important feature of the educational apps is customizability. Every educational organization has its own teaching modules, training modes, goals, and ways of teaching. The institutes can customize the applications based on their learning goals and teaching methods which ensures a classroom like experience for them as well.

Additionally cater to the needs of every student as per their requirements, their pace of learning and its pattern, the e-learning platforms provide a personalised way of teaching and learning that is solely customised as per the individual. When they decide what to learn, they remain invested in the course.

Easy Assessment of Projects & Assignments

Gone are the days when teachers had to check hundreds of test copies or assignments. With mobile e-learning apps, teachers can easily conduct tests & assessments in various formats like long-answer, short-answer, multiple-choice questions, and more.

These apps also allow students & teachers to submit their assignments and evaluate them by providing grades with remarks.

These mobile apps also support the concept of saving paper and help to eliminate the work of collecting hard copies, managing them, and doing everything manually.

Quick Updates

One of the most common problems that educational apps eliminate, and students face, is missing important announcements and notices. With mobile apps, one can fix this problem with instant updates & push notifications.

With mobile apps, teachers and schools can instantly send notifications to students about rescheduling meetings, campus maps, events, staff directories. This feature assures guaranteed delivery of notifications.


The mobile learning process has sustainability. While millions of trees are cut down for making papers for the traditional method of learning, mobile apps in education require just a download. It means greener earth for future generations.

Cost Reduction

E-learning technology is much more cost-efficient than any other form of providing education. With access all over the country, to all students irrespective of their financial and economic background, e-learning tools are available for them at a low price and provide quality education

Hence, it is undoubtedly an excellent option for those who cannot afford educational institutes above their affordable limits. On the whole, mobile apps make quality education available to everyone at a much-reduced cost.

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