Artificial intelligence is proving to be a potent transformational tool for the Food and Beverage industry

The possibilities are vast and the ability to bring about marked changes should not be underestimated or undermined. Let us take a look at the ways in which AI can change the game and is changing the game for the F&B industry globally.

Safety / Quality Issues

AI systems deliver safer, more accurate production lines results with greater speed and more consistency than human workers. On the factory floor, AI-based detection can be used to keep employees and equipment safer, identifying potential risks, such as a worker who has forgotten to wear the appropriate safety gear.

Improving Food Safety Standards

Regardless of where you go on the planet, food safety standards are consistently imperative to follow, and guidelines appear to be turning out to be stricter constantly. In the US, the Food Safety Modernization Act guarantees this happens, particularly with COVID-19, and nations become more mindful of how contaminated food can be.

Luckily, robots that utilize AI and machine learning can handle and process food, fundamentally disposing of the odds that contamination can happen through touch. Robots and machinery can’t communicate infections and such that people can, accordingly limiting the risk of it turning into an issue.

Waste Reduction

New approaches to measurement and monitoring can have a huge impact on waste reduction. Rather than waiting until the end of a batch or cycle to check the quality of output, AI that uses real-time monitoring can identify anomalies as soon as they occur.


AI also displays great potential for the optimization of the hygiene and cleaning tasks that are so critical for Food and Beverage facilities. A UK-based partnership between Martech of Whitwell and the University of Nottingham is working on developing self-optimizing Clean In Place (CIP) systems, where an AI-powered multi-sensor system will detect food residue and microbial debris on equipment in order to determine the optimal length of cleaning time. It is estimated that the system could save the UK food manufacturing sector up to £100 million per year.

Environmental Sustainability

AI can play a vital role in optimizing power and water consumption, which creates immediate benefits for operating costs and margins.

For instance, fresh products like fruit and vegetables can vary dramatically in size, shape, color and texture, adding a layer of complexity to the production line. AI solutions can easily recognize variances, removing contaminants without wasting whole batches and continually adjusting water and energy usage according to requirements. The entire process, including robotics, can be fully automated, running 24-7 and active across production.

Facility Management

It can be made easier and more sustainable by cutting electricity consumption. Using energy forecasting and intelligent alerts, AI-powered energy management tools can be developed to help operatives reduce peak demand charges. The intelligent alerts app can utilize predictive machine learning algorithms to help users identify issues before they become problems, reducing costly downtime.

Production Optimization

AI has enormous potential to optimize production and uncover manufacturing facilities’ best operating points to meet and even exceed KPIs.

Examples of its application could include faster production changeovers –– reducing the amount of time needed to switch from one product to another –– and identifying production bottlenecks before they become a problem. Today, an operator is still required to ‘tune’ the recipe or process but in the future models will be trained to calibrate production automatically, enhancing output quality and speed.


AI-driven robotics is proving vital in meeting the packing and picking demands accelerated by consumers’ increasing use of e-commerce. The complex and labor-intensive nature of the process offers unique potential for intelligent automation.

There has never been a more timely moment to explore how AI can optimize your facility’s productivity, efficiency and output. In a survey, 90% of top F&B executives shared their belief in AI’s enormous potential to improve their business. The opportunities are already here but they require a strategic mind-set. Adopt the AI approach and see your numbers soar!

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