Just imagine that you have a project idea that requires software development skills. What will be the next step for you?

You are probably wondering whether to hire a freelancer or seek assistance from a software development company. The decision you make now will influence the whole software development process and impact the future success of your project. So the question is how to make the right choice? Let’s try and look at various pros and cons of both sides of the argument which hopefully will help you take an informed decision.

Hiring a Freelance Feveloper – Pros & Cons

Software developers can work in all three areas (freelance, full-time, contract) due to the fact that they can execute tasks remotely, and partially due to high demand as well. Typically, freelancers are hired for a particular project, and the agreement is plain: do the job and get paid.


  • Rates – Usually, freelance developers charge 20-30% lower than software companies.
  • Easy to find – With high demand, there is no shortage of platforms to find and hire any kind of freelancers: Upwork, Toptal and Guru to mention a few.
  • Solid skills in a specific field – To be successful, freelancers tend to master their skills in one area, that’s only natural. With that and accumulated experience in that area, they can complete tasks and/or projects seamlessly.
  • Fewer obligations – Contrary to full-time employees who have certain rights under the law and are entitled to work benefits, freelancers work under a contract and all you have to do is to pay for the job done.


  • Reliability issues – Working on multiple projects simultaneously, there is a risk of them disappearing from contact for days or weeks. In some cases, confidentiality could also be at risk, and though an NDA is a common practice, you still have to be careful.
  • Attitude – Not every freelance developer will care about product quality as much as you do. Most of them don’t even try to win returning clients, unlike companies who care about their reputation.
  • Self-organization – While they may do the job just fine, they may be lacking skills necessary for planning and organizing the work process, which potentially leads to broken deadlines.
  • No maintenance – Freelancers may build a website, design a mobile app, create a game, but usually once it is finished, so is the arrangement.
  • Uncertainty – Since the entire project has been entrusted with a single person, his/her health and well-being can put the project at risk in case of any unforeseen event.

Hiring a Software Development Company – Pros & Cons

Hiring a software development company is probably a wise choice in terms of professional work, working relationships, quality end-product, security and a full-cycle of services.


  • Reliability – Once the project is completed you secure full rights to the product and the source code without any conditions.
  • Full package – A proper software development company will provide all kinds of services, including business analysis and consulting, idea verification, monetization models, etc. as they have teams consisting of professional developers, designers, QAs and other experts, all under one roof.
  • Smooth workflow – Working closely with project managers, checking reports and directing the work, planning the next stages etc. all in all, the workflow is established and deadlines are usually met.
  • Availability – Software companies care about results in same manner as they care about their reputation. They are available anytime, open and responsible. Many companies also tend to offer support and maintenance for a software, or even new functionality.
  • Experience & expertise – A good company will have worked on many projects, will have an extensive portfolio for everyone to see along with the required expertise. So if a developer gets stuck in a project, he can enlist the help of his colleagues.
  • No legal issues – As business entities, software development companies guarantee legality, reliability and stability. Works and financial records are almost always available.
  • Accountability and credibility – Probably the strongest asset, when compared to freelancers, is a guaranteed professional approach and reliability in terms of abiding by their contractual obligations and product delivery. You can be rest assured that the project will be finished by all means possible even in the scenario of the company having to cut down on their profits.


  • Higher cost – The clearest and inevitable downside are higher rates. Companies employ expert developers who cost more than freelancers, and if your project team consists of multiple developers who’ll be working for several months, the cost will be quite impressive.
  • Rate differences – Hourly rates, sometimes, can be drastically different in various countries. From India to US to Europe, there will be a wide range of prices depending on the project length, complexity and cost.
  • A hard choice – Finding a reliable software development company from among the huge number across the globe can be a big head scratcher. A lot of parameters and factors need to be taken into account before making an informed decision.

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