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AppleTech helps entrepreneurs build and launch new products and helps growing companies plug in a ready-to-go developer team and start building. We provide people to deliver specialist work so that our clients can focus on their business objectives, aspirations and growth.

Developing a product is a task which cannot be completed alone. So, we help you gather individuals who have the skills required to develop the product. At any given stage of product development, we will help you hire resources to set up an in-house development team. Having an in-house development team gives you full access to resource screening and complete control over the process and protocols.

Our services include but do not limits to:

Development Team Creation

We will take care of creating a team of developers from prospecting to hiring. This will allow us to find the best possible talent which will fit in your organization and will be in line with the beliefs of the organization. By engaging the best talent for your organization, we assure that your product will be developed faster and more efficient.

Autonomy Over Resource Selection and Project Execution

Use appropriate resources for the projects making sure that the execution of the project will be smooth and efficient.

Build – Operate – Transfer

Helping to establish a team of selected individuals and run the day to day operations for a period of time. once the team is functional enough according to the organization, we transfer all their duties directly to the organization.

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

AppleTech has a wide experience in developing applications using Microsoft .NET, Python, Java and PHP technologies. We have developed mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. We have successfully integrated various 3rd party tools such as payment gateways, Syncfusion charts and reports, Radar geo-locations, social media and other APIs. Our team is always open to learn and implement new technologies.

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You are at the right place to Hire Dedicated Resources for all sorts of web and mobile application developments.

We assure that every resource used will be dedicated to client’s business. So far, hiring dedicated resources at AppleTech has been the right decision for our clients.

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