Case Study

Legal Tech Firm

AppleTech has partnered with and empowered a legal tech firm to achieve its ultimate goal of evolving into a leading cloud-based law practice solution that helps law firms across North America build a digitally driven efficient practice.




Legal Tech



The Challenge

The legal tech firm had a quite popular flagship product which was desktop-based law practice management software, catering to solo attorneys and small/mid-sized law firms. But this had challenges of scaling up in addition to risk of data loss issues from legacy technology. A decision had to be made to either invest in making dramatic changes to the technology stack or to channelize the time, energy, and funds toward building a cloud-based solution.

The Solution

AppleTech came in as a technology partner to help solve this challenge. Executing the decision to build a cloud-based solution required addressing not just technical but also some of the business challenges.

The business knowledge needed to be spread across multi-functional teams through a combination of efforts including training sessions, cross-departmental quiz games, and feature launch sessions.

AppleTech put together an Embedded Team that worked on various facets of the product such as: Development, Data Analytics, Product Management, Marketing, Product Support. This required recruiting talent and nurturing them so that they were “living and breathing” the product. The team worked towards formulating strategies for the respective channels and later on, the Embedded Team became the backbone of the organization’s strategic planning as well as a critical component for day-to-day operations

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Technologies & Tools

  • AWS Microservices,
  • MongoDB and
  • React.JS
  • JIRA


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The Results

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