Our technological capabilities help government bodies – local, municipal or state – attain greater political value & make e-governance & related processes a delightful experience!

Government Application Development
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The growing adoption of e-governance initiatives by governments worldwide aims to interact more closely with people, simplify resource management, enhance service quality, lower prices, enhance competitiveness and increase accountability.

AppleTech is a reputed and robust software solutions development firm that recognizes the entire scope of e-government systems and has a good understanding of public sector criteria. Our broad range of technology services enables us to help all significant sectors of government procurement services agency gain more excellent value through e-government solutions.

Our design & development expertise allows users to navigate effortlessly through platforms and resolve all potential administrative, financial, legislative, privacy, protection and environmental concerns.


We build user-friendly gov. inquiry interfaces, e-taxation apps, payment apps & mWallets, citizen safety apps & more. Our apps are laden with industry-best security measures.

  • Government Mobility
  • BI & Analytics Solutions
  • G2C/G2B Portal Development
  • Migration & Modernization

Our BI & digital analytics services help local, state and central government organizations make better decisions, reduce costs & streamline their operations.

Present your e-services more innovatively and unlock the benefits of e-governance with a range of government software application solutions, including G2C (government-to-citizen) and G2B (government-to-business) portals.

We refactor, migrate & modernize your slow-moving computer systems & legacy applications into better performing technologies of today. We make digitization work for you.

Government Solutions on Latest Technology

AppleTech provides stable and secure government service innovations that help government agencies and departments become more effective and open to the general public. We ensure that great content created faster and distributed across every channel while keeping your data secure.

Backed by the professional development team, we offer a comprehensive suite of government software development services fueled by innovative technology and a user-centered approach. Our technological capabilities help government – local, municipal or state – attain greater political value & make e-government services & processes a delightful experience!


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