Conversion rate is determined by the usability of your website, trust in your brand, the relevance of incoming traffic, and a bunch of other criteria. Continuously improving your website for higher conversions is a no-brainer if you want to get the most out of your marketing budget. However, you may frequently find yourself in a bind when it comes to developing a step-by-step strategy that truly produces meaningful outcomes. To get you started, we will discuss useful ways to increase your conversion rate on your website and how AppleTech can help you with that.

Before moving forwards with the different ways, let’s understand what conversion rate is and how it is calculated.

What is a conversion rate?

The percentage of people who answer your call to action is referred to as your conversion rate. It’s the number of people who visit your landing page and do what you want them to. In any campaign, conversion is the number of interactions that lead to a sale.

Your conversion rate is significant since it provides you with a single figure that expresses how well your marketing is working. With this metric in hand, you can test out several approaches to see which ones yield the best long-term results.

How do you calculate conversion rates?

The formula for the conversion rate is:

Conversion rate = (conversions / total visitors) x 100

To calculate your conversion rate, you need just two numbers:

  • Number of conversions on a page
  • The amount of traffic on that page

Divide the number of conversions by the number of visitors on your website, then multiply the result by a hundred to find the conversion rate on your page.

What is a good conversion rate?

A “good” conversion rate depends on several things, including your industry, niche, goals, traffic channel, and audience demographics. For example, according to a study conducted by Statista, the global average conversion rate of e-commerce sites in the third quarter of 2020 was 2.17%, down from 2.37% the previous year. However, the e-commerce conversion rate in the United States was greater, at 2.57%.

It’s time to optimize if your conversion rate is lower than you’d like, whether compared to the industry average, to your top competitors, or to your expectations and goals.

Your website’s homepage, pricing page, blog, landing pages, and other pages all play a role in the conversion process. You should optimize each location to increase your chances of turning website visitors into paying consumers.

7 Working Ways to Increase Your Conversion Rate on Website

Let’s discuss some of the strategies that could help you to optimize the conversion rate on your website.

Perform A/B Testing

Businesses want people to do something when they visit their websites. The higher your conversion rate, the better your sales funnel needs to be. A/B testing is the most common way to improve the rate of conversion on a website (CRO).

Using A/B testing to fine-tune your website’s sales process is highly recommended. To improve your site’s performance, choose the web variation that leads to more online conversions. Every website has its conversion rates. For eCommerce, it might be product sales, whereas, for B2B, it might be lead generation.

Strong, sharp CTAs

Calls to action (CTAs) that are both clear and compelling are crucial to the success of any marketing effort since they can make or break the sale between you and your potential customer. Remember that your CTA needs to motivate audiences to take action, whether you want them to sign up for your newsletter, download an eBook, share a social media post, enter a contest, or give you their contact information.

Customer engagement can be sparked through the production of interesting content. Content that engages readers requires knowledge of their problems and desires. Instead of making generic posts, see what gets the highest click rates and use that. Call to action can also be used to increase email list subscriptions, draw attention to limited-time specials, and promote intellectual property such as eBooks.

Keep Your Forms Short and Simple

Long forms may discourage potential customers from making the required effort. You don’t want your company to miss out on potential customers. Therefore, while including forms on your landing pages, keep them brief, straightforward, and to the point.

Remove any extra fields that can appear intrusive. Short and simple forms eliminate any hesitancy from your target market, boost client confidence in your brand, and take less time to accomplish the required activity.

Remove Distractions 

Website visitors will be discouraged if they see too many distractions, such as irrelevant adverts and an unorganized design. Customers are more likely to leave your website if your landing page contains too many distractions that prevent them from completing the primary goal for which they arrived. If you want to keep visitors on your landing page, you need to give them the information they need without overwhelming them.

A well-designed website will put the user at ease, offer them interesting information, and provide them with the best possible experience overall.

  • Headings
  • Sub-headings
  • CTAs
  • Product features and benefits
  • Reviews and testimonials
  • Visually appealing images

Heatmaps, which display user behavior on your website, are an intelligent way to understand what your customers are looking for and avoid what they overlook.

Add Testimonials and Reviews

When it comes to taking buying decisions, testimonials and reviews play an important role. Thus, to increase the conversion rate on your website, you need to pay attention to the implementation of reviews and testimonials on your website.

Reviews and testimonials are just as important to consumers in the modern digital era as personal recommendations from their close friends and family. As a business owner, incorporating these components is equivalent to word-of-mouth promotion that increases your credibility and increases conversions.

Use Chatbots

It’s unlikely that your staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help clients with their purchases. It helps to have a helping hand during times like this. With the help of chatbots and other live chat tools, you can answer any last-minute queries your consumers may have during the buying process.

When your sales representatives are unavailable or busy during peak hours, chatbots can assist with prequalifying leads. You can create industry-specific questions and use them to screen potential customers for sales before referring them to the team or setting up an appointment. By engaging with customers 24×7, you can answer their simple queries promptly and increase the conversion rate in the process.

Optimize the Website for All Devices

Your website must be designed in such a way that it can be accessed through all the devices such as a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. By having a website designed to cater to all devices, you can reach a vast audience that can increase your conversion rate.

Furthermore, while designing a website make sure that its page speed is optimized properly. Page speed is the time taken for your content to load on the screen. For this, you need to avail the services of an experienced web development services provider such as AppleTech.

How AppleTech can help you in increasing your conversion rate on your website?

With AppleTech experience in the web development space, we can help you with your issue of improving your conversion rate. The following pointers sum it up:

  • We can provide website optimization services for your existing or new website.
  • Our team of experts can guide you through the process of website development and can help you make the changes that your website needs to boost the conversion rate.
  • Our team of experts can help you in optimizing your existing website by using conversion rate optimization tools like A/B testing.
  • We can help you build an exceptional yet functional design website.
  • We can help you to develop a website that is mobile-friendly as well as has a faster loading speed.


In the end, every business wants to have a high conversion rate. Although these tactics may seem simple, they need the skill to achieve the level of conversions necessary to make your business profitable. As a result, working with a professional website development company can help you reduce your workload.

By selecting AppleTech as your growth partner, you can take advantage of our seasoned specialists’ skills to market your company and stay one step ahead of the competition.