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Medical Practice Made Easy
Enabling Intuitive Connection between Doctors and Patients

This is a medical practice management software app. It’s an extended portion of a much larger system of online medical practice management: Practeaz.com, involving tasks like appointments, scheduling, queuing, billing, recording their visit, prescription, vaccine records, investigations ordered, by doctors and their reception staff.

The app serves a handy tool for patients to take appointments, view their receipts, prescription and vaccines on their mobile devices. For the doctor and their staff it’s an easy excess tool for recording an image or video of any reports or prescription, see and manage appointments and queue.

Learning Management System

The New School Essential

LoveMySkool is a personalized learning app for schools and colleges. Teachers, students and parents can see the courses enrolled and consume content online as well as offline. Students can access their Personalized Learning Plan and also submit Assignments and Tests. It also allows teachers to take attendance on the go.

LoveMySkool enables schools/colleges to creatively and securely communicate within the school. Schools/educators can send out various kinds of announcements/posts. It helps simplify school’s needs to inform parents for change in school timings, transportation updates, assignment reminders, event announcements, and many more scenarios.