Any web development team’s primary goal is to deliver web applications with the best user experience, scalability, and sustainability. To achieve that feat, developers always try to find the best possible technological stack to use.

There are many different web technology stacks available, such as PHP, .Net, Ruby on Rails, Java, and Python. When it comes to building websites, PHP and .NET are by far the most popular frameworks. According to the numbers, PHP and ASP.NET account for the lion’s share of the web technology industry. The majority of the time, development teams will choose one of these two options.

Both options have their certain sets of pros and cons. In this post, we’ll look at the differences and applicability between PHP and ASP.NET.

Introduction to PHP

PHP, or Hypertext Preprocessor, is a computer language designed primarily for server-side programming. Just like any other CGI (Common Gateway Interface) tool, PHP allows you to get things done. It can be used for numerous purposes, including gathering information from forms, creating dynamic website content, exchanging cookies, and more. Creating server-side apps, CLI scripts, and desktop applications are where PHP scripts shine the brightest.

These are some of PHP’s key realizations that we should note:

  • PHP is a scripting language that runs on the server and is built into HTML. Developers use it to track database sessions, manage dynamic content, and do many other things.
  • It works with different databases, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, and Microsoft SQL Server.
  • It works with standard protocols including POP3, IMAP, and LDAP.

All popular operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, etc., support PHP.

Pros and Cons of PHP

  • PHP is the best option for big projects like Facebook since it is open-source, free for users, and has a huge international community of committed engineers.
  • Due to its effective connectivity with many database formats, it is also a fantastic option for web-based scripts like online content management systems (CMS).
  • It is very scalable and customizable, as well as being affordable and simple to understand, develop, and use.
  • Since PHP is designed for use on the web, it is not a good choice for creating desktop apps.
  • PHP programs are often more sluggish than those developed in other languages.
  • Options for personalization can lead to bugs and bad coding.
  • PHP is less effective than other programming languages in handling errors. Error detection thus requires additional time.

Introduction to ASP.NET

The .NET platform is extended by ASP.NET with components for creating web applications. It is an open-source server-side platform for building websites that were made by Microsoft. The following are just a few examples of the numerous enhancements that ASP.NET brings to the .NET framework:

  • The basic platform for processing web requests in C# or F#
  • Libraries and common web patterns, such as Model View Controller (MVC)
  • Web page template syntax
  • Authentication system
  • Editor’s extensions and more.

There are now approximately 60000 developers and 3700 businesses using the ASP.NET open-source project on GitHub. This figure is steadily rising.

Pros and Cons of ASP.NET


  • NET is rapidly growing and is extremely scalable.
  • Because Microsoft owns it, it has a superior standing in the marketplace.
  • It is compatible with C# and all the main programming languages, including the app.
  • Developers may track down any code errors before compilation.
  • It provides a wealth of features and tools to facilitate programming.
  • The finest outcomes on Windows are guaranteed by ASP.NET.
  • For corporate applications, it is the finest platform.
  • The usage of several pre-coded choices by developers speeds up development.
  • The UI is quite good for developers.


  • The developer community for support is smaller
  • Only Microsoft servers are compatible with ASP.NET.
  • Because a Microsoft license must be purchased, it is more costly.
  • Compared to PHP, it is less effective for web development.
  • The foundation of ASP.NET is closed-source technology.

The following is the list of parameters that can help you to choose the best platform for web development.

PHP vs. ASP.NET for Different Parameters

Speed and Performance

Most websites nowadays have no noticeable influence on the speed of any programming language. When it comes to evaluating the speed of a web application, there are additional elements to consider. However, if the website must execute a variety of activities, you should extensively investigate which programming language will be suitable for the massive tasks at hand. It is preferable to choose a programming language by assessing its performance in various contexts. Accessing and querying databases, producing results, accessing file systems, locating an image and delivering it to a web server, and so on.


Both platforms offer security features but in distinct ways. SQL injection is one of the built-in security features of ASP.NET. PHP offers resources for constructing apps in a safe manner. To rephrase, although PHP gives you the means to implement security, ASP.NET makes it simpler and more dependable. When creating a PHP application, many developers fail to take security measures. However, ASP.NET’s security capabilities are superior since they are built-in, which reduces development time.


Hosting providers often use LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP). As a result, its monthly hosting prices are less than those of Windows hosting. If you buy Windows, you get ASP.NET for free. The expense of purchasing licenses for Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server, and any updates they provide remains. This makes PHP a more economical option since it is freely available to the public. only includes free web hosting.

Support and Resources

As an open-source stack, LAMP benefits from the constant attention of a large community of developers all around the world. Post a query in the PHP forum if you need assistance with a functional issue. Insightful data from programmers all across the globe will flood your inbox. There’s been a steady increase in the quantity and quality of PHP and LAMP platform developers and resources. There is a small pool of Microsoft-based developers upon whom ASP.NET must rely. As a result, there is a shortage of ASP.NET developers to whom you may turn for assistance.

Tools and Editors

MySQL and PHP are independent of editors. There are a lot of useful editors available to PHP developers. However, Microsoft’s Visual Studio Editor is what most ASP.NET programmers use to create .NET programs. The plethora of tools and built-in capabilities available in ASP.NET makes website development a breeze for programmers. Thus, if your focus is more on in-built tools and editors that are ready for use, then ASP.NET can be a better option.

Platform Dependency

It doesn’t matter if you’re using Linux, UNIX, macOS X, or Windows, PHP will work just fine. Only Windows computers may use ASP.NET. It’s one of the factors that has helped grow PHP’s user base and strengthen the PHP community.


As a framework, PHP has shown to be rather effective, and it comes with a wealth of useful, freely available, open-source resources. Nonetheless, ASP.NET offers numerous benefits as well, particularly for large businesses that favour Microsoft technologies. In PHP, there is a large and helpful open-source community from which to draw. When you need help with .NET development, you can ask the Microsoft community for advice. However, there cannot be as many .NET open-source alternatives as there are for PHP.

When organizations and developers have a complete understanding of all technological needs, the decision between ASP.NET and PHP is much easier. Then they’ll have a better idea of how much each technology is worth. Therefore, it is essential to stop what you’re doing and assess what the project really requires. When making technical decisions related to website creation, it is always a good idea to get advice from experienced professionals in web development.

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